Alliance, Felixtow Wetlands and Bio-filters


S.E.M. Civil Pty Ltd was the Main Contractor to ERA Water in the Construction of Wetlands, Bio-filters and Associated Works in Felixtow. This was part of the Norwood, Payneham & St. Peter Council’s plan to harvest storm water, as part of the Waterproofing the East Project. The project itself is worth $1.5 Million and was completed in June 2017. S.E.M’s experience with previous wetland constructions put us at an advantage, making sure that we produced the best possible outcome.

Works carried out by S.E.M. included:

Earthworks and Excavation, Pipework and Drainage, Dewatering and Ground Water Control, Bulk Filling, Bedding and Backfilling Trenches, Clay Liner Construction, Gabion and Rock Structures, and Concrete Works.

June 2017

Project Completion

$1.7 Million

Project Was Worth

S.E.M. is proud of the work that has been done by our team, and privileged that this will be part of the Felixtow Community.