Traffic Control

Expansion of S.E.M. in 2010, seen that a dedicated traffic management division was introduced to the group. Specialising in all aspects of Traffic Management; Safety is the focus all works.

S.E.M. Traffic Control can offer various Traffic Solutions for any client requirements, long or short term, within South Australia.

Our expertise include:

– Regulatory Controls
– Job Site Security
– Planning, Preparing & Managing Traffic Guidance Schemes in accordance with the latest Australian Standards AS1742.3 2009 & Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure regulations
– Temporary & Long Term Traffic Control Management
– Emergency Callouts
– Understanding complex road and traffic laws

A safe worksite will be achieved by the following implementations:

– Utilising the skills and knowledge of fully trained, accredited & competent traffic controllers.
– Using vehicles fully equipped with approved traffic management signage & equipment ( relevant to the Australian Standard)
– Having fully maintained vehicles with hazard warning beacons and arrow boards installed.
– Ongoing auditing and monitoring throughout the works to ensure site safety is not compromised.
– Using detailed daily checklists and having a comprehensive SWMS at all times.

S.E.M. are proud to be part of the Traffic industry, and we are confident that our Traffic Control Division, aid in ensuring a safe work site not only for the workers, but those around the site.