Marlborough Street Road Re-Construction

City of Charles Stuart


S.E.M. Civil Pty Ltd was the Major Subcontractor to the City of Charles Sturt.

The Marlborough Street Road Re-construction, took place on Marlborough Street from Tapleys Hill Road to East Terrace.

Stakeholder review –

We are residents of Valma Avenue Fulham Gardens and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the construction works on Marlborough Street. We think this difficult task has been very well managed.  All site workers have been very obliging and helpful in getting traffic in and out of streets and homes. They have also taken every opportunity to give people a wave or a quick hello.  We feel that we have been kept very well informed especially with letterbox drops.

We are looking forward to the final layers of asphalt going down and having a nice new road. Thank you to all involved. 

Regards  Margaret and Murray

Some of the works carried out included:

  • Road Reconstruction
    • Kerb and gutter repairs (both sides) to improve street drainage
    • Minor stormwater drainage upgrades to assist flow of stormwater
    • Footpath repairs, where required
    • Reconstruction of kerb access ramps to Disability Discrimination Act compliant with tactile pavers to improve accessibility for the elderly and mobility impaired.
    • Road Reconstruction of the road base of trafficable lanes and bus stops and asphalt surfacing of the whole road (full width) from Tapleys Hill Road to East Terrace, Henley Beach
    • Kerb Extensions
    • Raised Pedestrian & Bicycle Crossing
January 2019

Project Completion

City of Charles Sturt


S.E.M. Civil