Metropolitan Services and Connection Contract

S.E.M. Utilities – Schedule of Rates Contract


approx. 2880days

Of Work Carried Out

Over 10000’sm

Worth of Pipe-laying

Over 54km

of Water Main Relays in last 5 Years

S.E.M. Utilities Pty Ltd have undertaken the Services and Connections contract for 6 of the 12 Metropolitan Adelaide areas since 2006. Working in partnership with SA Water to construct over 28,000 water and waste  water connections within strict prescribed timeframes with 100% compliance.

In addition and as part of the E & C Contract we have successfully constructed over 60km of water main relays in the Metro Area and 18km in the northern regional area.

S.E.M. have developed a reputation for being a Company that can be called upon to undertake works in the most difficult and demanding locations. Metropolitan Services and Connections Contract has helped us exceed in our knowledge and experience in Water Main Relays, and Extensions and Connections.