Peachey Road Re-Development

The City of Playford


S.E.M. Civil Pty Ltd, is the Head-Contractor for the City of Playford, in the redevelopment of Peachey Road in 3 different Stages. This project was worth $9.7 Million all up, and scheduled to be completed in December 2017.

Works carried out in this project included:

Works consisted of Pavement Construction, Kerb Construction, Stormwater, Footpath Construction and Landscaping.

December 2017

Project Schedule of Completion

$9.7 Million

Project is Worth

S.E.M. has also been currently working on Stage 4 of Peachey Road, through the City of Playford, in its redevelopment, through the Government’s ‘Road to Recovery’ Campaign. The same sort of work has been carried out, from the other end of Peachey Road, and S.E.M. is glad to be of assistance in its upgrade.