River Torrens Bank Remediation at Azalea Drive, Lockleys


During a high flow event of 2016, there was significant erosion occurred, leaving the Torrens Linear Path in unsuitable condition. This posted potential incidents to all its users, resulting in the closure of the shared footpath.

SA Water, on behalf of the State Government, was responsible for the remediation of four sections of riverbank along the Torrens, awarding the project to S.E.M Utilities in mid-2018.

There were many challenges relating to this project, some of these include

  • Weather. The project commenced in one of the wettest winter seasons
  • High water flows. High rainfall events flooded our construction site on several occasions
  • Access from the top of the batter was deemed not possible for safety reasons
  • Working at Heights
  • Concrete pumping could not be utilized due to the characteristics of no-fines concrete
  • The use of conventional equipment such as excavators and hoppers not possible for environmental time and financial impacts.

To overcome these, a mobile conveyor system (Tele-belt) was utilized to effectively and safely transport materials from one level to another, in a timely fashion. If done by man power it would be strenuous, expensive and timely.

The working at heights risk was reduced due to the development of the ‘Falls Arrest System’. The workers had lanyards attached to 4,800kg of concrete blocks, this was designed to stop a worker falling an uncontrolled distance and reducing the impact of the fall.

December 2018

Project Completion

SA Water


S.E.M. Utilities